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Hi guys!

How's it going?!

This is me, your down-to-earth, fun-loving photographer, Rach (only my mum calls me Rachel!) Hello! 

If you guys are looking for a serious photographer who gives you posing guidance down to the placement of your little finger... then I'm not for you! If you're looking for someone with a cheeky sense of humour to keep you relaxed and smiling all day, let's talk!

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Shutter & Joy Wedding Photography

Your wedding is obviously important to you, and it's important to me, too! You want a photographer with the skills to capture all the moments that you'll want to relive for years to come, as well as all those little things that are so easily missed in the blur of the day. You want you and your guests to feel comfortable in front of the camera and for your photographer to feel more like a guest than a supplier. You want someone with a big voice and plenty of confidence and charm to wrangle everyone in for the bouquet toss or to get their booties onto the dancefloor!

Well, you've got this far so I'm thinking we're going to get along! Hit that big button below and we'll plan a chat to discover how awesome we all are and how fabulous your wedding is going to be!

Shutter & Joy Wedding Photography
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