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London Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography

Embodying the energy of modern lovers through understated yet impactful images that symbolise their love

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...and I bloody love a good wedding! The outfits, the vows, the confetti, the cake, the dancefloor! It's all such a gorgeous smushing together of two lovely lives and I get to go to loads. As. My. Job. How awesome is that?!

Hi! I'm Rach...

Every wedding is so different from the last, especially these days when it's out with the rule book and in with some individuality and creativity.

Yes please!

Your wedding day is so unique to you. Maybe you're outgoing & bold, chic & sexy, quiet & shy, or a little bit of everything all rolled into one. Regardless, you want your photos to show your day.


Your personalities. Your love.

And that will shine through in my work. I will vibe off you guys and make sure that your photos show you, just you, how you are. Looking back at your photos for years to come should fill you with joy, a little bit of emotion, and definitely some giggles as you reminisce about your day in its truest way. You don't want to be looking at photos that could be of anyone's wedding. Am I right?!

So if you want real, timeless and unique photos taken by someone who will shed a tear at the ceremony, laugh along with the speeches and join you on the dancefloor, I'm your gal!

Now, didn't someone say something about cake?...

Shutter & Joy Modern Lovers Wedding Photography London
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It's all about the love...

  • Understated yet impactful images that embody your energy and symbolise your love

  • A fun-loving, passionate and genuine photographer who will sincerely adore your unique love story and laugh, cry and dance along with you!

  • A relaxed atmosphere allowing you to be yourselves and enjoy your day

  • A unique product, Soundography, adding extra joy when reliving your day, giving you those romantic vows and hilarious speeches!

  • Bespoke packages and worldwide travel

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How did you find me?

Kind Words

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Such personal and friendly touches.
She went above and beyond.
Fantastic photos!

Ella & Simon

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Not heard of it before? That's because I invented it!

The perfect mixture of photography and videography...