Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to find out a little bit more about my work. I won’t talk about myself for too long; just a quick introduction. Or just scroll down for what to expect / FAQs!



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I have an absolute passion for all things wedding! Be it traditional, boho, rock & roll, chic, destination… I love it all! I can’t pass a bridal shop or jewellers without staring at all the beautiful things (much to my husband’s dismay!) I have been working in the wedding industry for 10 years and have loved the uniqueness of each and every couple and their gorgeous weddings.

Now, let’s talk about your wedding…


What to expect from the day

My style of photography is documentary – this means that I capture real moments as they happen. There will always be a couple of opportunities for me to swoop in and style a shot, but I’m careful to pick the right time and the right vibe and not intrude on your day. And I most certainly will not interfere during the ceremony!

If you choose to have a couple shoot after your ceremony, this is when most of my direction will come in. But don’t fear! Your wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple, and how I work on the day will reflect that. Are you quiet and shy? I will guide you gently to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Outgoing and bold? Let’s set off some smoke bombs, whack on a leather jacket and see where it takes us! Chic and sexy? We’ll work together to get classy and sophisticated shots. Whoever you are and whatever you’re like, my work will suit your individuality.


What to expect from your photos

And you can expect the same from the final product, too! Unlike many photographers, I don’t use ‘presets’ when editing your images. Presets are a pre-determined style and, at the click of a button, the same look is added to all photos, every time, every wedding. Not very unique! I edit each image individually allowing every shot to shine in its true glory while bringing them all together to collectively showcase the joy and splendour of your day.


Here are the answers to some FAQs but if they don't answer your question or you'd
like more info, just get in touch via the contact page or email [email protected]



What is the Soundography Slideshow?

As an ex-videographer, I met many couples who struggled to decide whether to pay for a photographer and a videographer. Often the decision was to only book a photographer but I would get many emails expressing regret after the big day that they didn't get a video. When I woke up on the day after my wedding, my first thought was, "I know the speeches were amazing but I can't remember what anyone said! Thank goodness I got it recorded!" So I decided to offer my couples a product that, as far as I've seen, is unique to Shutter & Joy: the Soundography Slideshow. I use high quality, discreet lapel mics to record your vows and speeches. I then create a slideshow of your beautiful photos with the vows and speeches audio playing in the background with some nice music. This means you can enjoy the benefit of a wedding film at a fraction of the cost!

Will we meet before the big day?

If we haven't already and that’s something you’d like to do, absolutely! Or if we have, let's meet again! We can meet in person, over a video call, or just chat on the phone. Getting to know each other will help you feel more comfortable on the day and allow me to understand who you are and how best to capture your day.

Can we have an engagement shoot?

Of course! Price depends on where and for how long but a rough guide is £200 an hour. Engagement shoots are a great way for us to get to know each other and provide you with lovely images that you may want to use on the big day.

Do you do formal group shots?

I can do, but I don't recommend it! Guests are keen to get to the bar (or the loo!) and so ensues a lot of shouting to get people in and out of shots! It can really ruin the enjoyment of the day, right when you should be at your happiest and mingling with your loved ones. At most, if you really want some, I'd recommend an 'everybody' shot, a 'family' shot and a 'bridal party' shot. We will decide this before the big day and I will ensure I pick the right time so you don’t have to worry about the schedule of the day. 

Do you use flash photography?

I avoid the flash wherever possible and use natural lighting. If it calls for it though, I will use it when lighting is too low which is usually in the evening. I also have some video lights (I pop them in the corner and they stay on) but I will only get these out during cake cutting and first dance if needs be. Don’t worry; I won’t blind you!

Can we have smoke bombs?

To this I say, “Hell yes!”… providing your venue allow them which it’s likely they will. They're a great extra to really make your photos look fun and special, and they're available in a variety of colours so you can match them to your colour scheme. Disclaimer: it has been known for bombs to stain clothing / accessories / flowers etc. It hasn't happened for me as we keep a good distance away from the smoke, but if it’s a risk you’re willing to take, that’s your call!

Do you charge for travel / accommodation?

There is no charge for travel if the journey is under 100 miles by car from where I am based in Kent. Anything over that is 50p per mile. Accommodation depends on the cost of the hotel but I am happy with a simple room or AirBnB – we’ll discuss this if it is necessary.

When will we receive our photos?

There is no set time as each wedding is unique and differs with the seasons. I will send you some sneak-peek pics a few days after the wedding then get your online gallery and USB to you ASAP. I promise not to keep you waiting too long!

How is our album designed?

You log on to my website and 'like/favourite' the images you want to include. I will style your photobook for you then send you a preview file so you can give it the 'OK' or ask for any changes or additions. Once you are happy, I'll send it off to be printed: I use a company who specialise in high-end photobooks and prints especially for professional photographers. Their products are beautiful, flatlay books and come in a range of sizes and covers.

What if you’re ill on the day?

It’s never happened before, but I have good relationships with other professional photographers who could step in if worst comes to worst. This will not cost you any more money and I will still edit your photos.

What are the payment terms?

I'm fairly relaxed about this as I know how stressful the expense of weddings can be and I wouldn't want to add to that! I ask for a £100 non-refundable deposit, half of the remaining balance prior to the wedding and rest prior to receiving your photos. All monies, including the deposit, will be refunded in full if your wedding is cancelled due Covid-19.


Featured on the cover of 'Your Kent Wedding' Magazine!

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