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Shutter & Joy: Kent Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 4

Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone! I'm Rach, a Kent wedding photographer, but this is just where I'm based - I take photos wherever in the world I'm needed! I've been snapping weddings since 2018 and I love my job! Being part of my couples' special day is such a beautiful thing and capturing the true emotion is a huge part of my documentary style. It's even how I came up with my business name 'Shutter & Joy': 'Shutter' to show the photography element, and 'Joy' for all those lovely emotions!

Rachel Cushing of Shutter & Joy Kent Wedding Photography

This is a photo of me!

Kent Wedding Photographer: My Style

As I already mentioned, I have a documentary style of photography. This means that I lurk in the shadows and snap away at all the lovely things that are going on without any intervention from me. Once you're married though, we will sneak off for a portrait session so you can get some gorgeous pics of just the two of you. I keep things natural and relaxed with very little posing and definitely nothing cheesy! We'll have a laugh though, that's for sure!

When I edit your photos, I use rich, muted tones to give an artistic and cinematic feel. I love black & white, and interesting cropping.

Bride and groom walking through woods

Bride and groom walking through the woods in black and white

What Will My Blogs Be About?

All sorts! I'll be showing you some beautiful real weddings that I've photographed to give you inspiration, and I'll also be blogging about all-things-wedding to give you some help in planning your big day! I always do everything I can to help make my couples' wedding day as stress-free as possible.

So enjoy reading the ramblings of this Kent wedding photographer and check out my site if you're interested in my work!

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