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Session Styles

Drowning in overwhelming Pinterest inspiration?

Use this handy guide to get an idea of the style

you want for your photos!

It's so important that your wedding photos reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. You don't want to be looking back at the best day of your lives and thinking 'Oh no, that pose was so awkward!' or 'Why did the photographer ask us to do THAT?!'

So how do you avoid that?! First and foremost, the best thing is to get to know your photographer. Have a Zoom call, meet for a drink, take them to your venue or other favourite places, introduce them to your pets, anything!

Secondly, you need know the options you have when discussing the vibe you want to create in your photos.


'But what are the options?!' I hear you cry!

Never fear! As always, I'm here to help! And I've put together these examples to help you decide what feels right. You might decide on one or two of these ideas, or all of them, or they may even inspire you to bring your own ideas to the table! Any way goes! They're your photos after all!

Posing Styles (10).jpg
Posing Styles.jpg
Posing Styles (1).jpg

So what have we learnt?!

Well, there are many different styles, vibes and preferences to consider, and a fair bit of overlap across them all too! And this isn't an exhaustive list, and you may well have some ideas of your own! Ultimately, if you and your photographer get to know each other, a style decision is really just a starting point; the shoot will always steer in a natural direction.


Use this information to gain more of an understanding of the potential your wedding photos have (and maybe find a 'hard no' that you should tell your photographer!)

Don't be afraid during a shoot to say 'no' to any direction from your photographer that you don't like the idea of, that doesn't reflect who you are, or worse, makes you feel uncomfortable. Having an open dialogue with them will make sure you get the best result, and knowing your stuff may even give you the confidence to venture into a style that you didn't know you had in you!

Let's start organising your dream photos!

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